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Welsh Phrasebook

Welsh Phrasebook
Item# 9781849340489

Product Description

Publisher: Waverley

Author: D. Islwyn Edwards

This unique reference book is an excellent resource for learners of Welsh, and provides invaluable information essential for the traveller in Wales.

Welsh emerged from Celtic and by the second half of the sixth century was a distinct tongue. It is by far the oldest language spoken in Britain today and is among the oldest in Europe with its origins dating back at least 2500 (and maybe 4000) years ago. This book with a brief history of Wales, and its customs, is a handy and informative, portable guide for the tourist around Wales, and is an inexpensive aide for people learning Welsh. Bright and friendly, this book is an invaluable help for anyone new to the wonderful country of Wales and its people. Includes: abrief history of Welsh Welsh customs, flag and symbols, The Welsh Assembly, language requirements, English phrases translated into Welsh, clear pronunciations for each phrase, useful phrases for every situation, and comprehensive vocabulary sections. (pb)