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Winston Churchill, CEO

Winston Churchill, CEO
Item# 9781402797767

Product Description

Publisher: Sterling (Mar 2012)

Author: Alan Axelrod

hurchill skillfully converted crisis into victory, making the boldest of visions seem attainable; even though he sometimes failed audaciously, he embraced his errors and used them to become stronger. Axelrod looks at this much-studied figure in a way nobody has before: he explores 25 key facets of Churchillís leadership style and decision-making from his early years as a junior cavalry officer and journalist to his role throughout WWII and demonstrates how he was able to overcome near-impossible obstacles. Fluidly and engagingly written, each lesson is enlivened with a vivid vignette from Churchillís life. As always, Axelrodís penetrating analysis will instruct, inspire, and encourage those who lead business enterprises, large and small. (pb)