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William Wallace

In the Footsteps of William Wallace
Publisher: The History Press (Oct 2011)

Author: Alan Young

A superbly illustrated journey through the landscape and events of the life of the iconic Scottish knight who was brought to life in the film Braveheart For nearly 700 years debate has raged over the true nature of William Wallace and his role in Scotland's turbulent history—was he the Braveheart of Blind Harry's legendary account, the bold, but savage, hero of the Scottish wars, or, as some contemporary chroniclers attested, was he nothing but a villainous thief and vagrant fugitive? This book draws on a wide range of contemporary and modern sources to look behind the figure of legend to find Wallace's true character. It traces Wallace's journey from his modest upbringing in south-west Scotland and his first victory as a "guerilla" leader and military commander at Stirling Bridge to his painful death seven years later, including his "invasion" of Northumberland and Cumberland. This is an essential traveling companion for a journey through Wallace's kingdom and to learn more about the myth and the man. (pb)
William Wallace
Publisher: Birlinn

Author: Andrew Fisher

William Wallace has always been one of the legendary figures of Scottish history. Unlike previous biographies, which have tended to present Wallace as a one-dimensional figure, this new and substantially expanded edition of Andrew Fisher’s classic book investigates all aspects of Wallace’s life and character, treating him as a man of his time. In an age of brutality, Wallace too was brutal: he repaid the sack of Berwick with the harrying of Northumberland, and the crimes with which he was charged in 1305 were by no means wholly fabricated. (pb)