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The Wombles Go round the World

The Wombles Go round the World
Item# 9781408808351

Product Description

Publisher: Bloomsbury UK

Author: Elisabeth Beresford & Nick Price

Great Uncle Bulgaria loves telling the ancient and revered history of the Womble clans to the younger Wombles. But to his great sadness he notices that the young Wombles are not nearly as interested in the history as he is.

So Great Uncle Bulgaria decides to take action and show these young Wombles how wonderful and international the history of the Wombles is. Tobermory invents some very eco-friendly clockwork air balloons to travel in and Orinoco, Bungo, Tomsk and Wellington are sent variously to America, Tibet and Australia. In these interesting and far-flung places the young Wombles get quite as much excitement as they could wish for! (pb)