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The World of the Brontės

The World of the Brontės
Item# 9781841654164

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Publisher: Pitkin Publishing

Author: Pitkin Guides

Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontė are the authors of some of the best-loved books in the English language, including Jane Eyre (1847), Wuthering Heights (1847), and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848). These novels were penned in their Yorkshire home, Howarth Parsonage (now the Brontė Parsonage Museum), where the Reverend Patrick Brontė's daughters and their brother, Branwell, spent much of their lives. The Brontė sisters lived in a time when the class system was very rigid and their education, when many people could not even read, was unusual. Although their house was one of the largest in Howarth, the family lived modestly. The girls had to work as governesses, and their lifestyle at home and work, as well as their imaginations, influenced their writing. The freedoms afforded the sisters, along with the restrictions of the Victorian age, are brought to life in these pages, fully illustrated with lustrous images. (pb)